The Blog

The Blog

After 3 weeks of planning and building, pedrospective is now live!

The content here is primarily for me to document what I’ve learned, share my travel experiences and keep my public notes. Essentially a public version of my Notion databases. If this blogs helps or inspires anyone then that’s a big plus! Do Let me know if I do.

Oh, and I also share my photography portfolio and the books I've been reading.

My writing topics are usually centered around productivity, stoicism, lifestyle and travel.

The JAMStack Buiild


For the front-end I was unsure wether to use gatsby.js or next.js. Both were great for this project but as I already had some past experience with Next.js and I kept using it. Plus, the rate at which Next.js is launching new features is pretty incredible.

I also use Tailwind CSS, which I love. Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework that has allowed me to build websites and components twice as fast!


For the back-end, I'm using the awesome Contentful Headless CMS + the GoodReads API to fetch my book information.

Future Steps

  • Migrate the codebase to Typescript

  • Build a proper "Mind Garden" with bidirectional linking. Roam Style.

  • Publish a lot more content!